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As many major oil and gas, and energy extraction projects require the use of the land and environment, many companies practice land restoration and rehabilitation. This includes two major components which both aim at bringing the environment back to a usable, productive and safe state: remediation and reclamation. These two techniques are similar in nature and goal. They are two slightly different in terms of technique and purpose in restoring all environments necessary to our ecosystems. These processes can be small scale, and can come in the form of large construction site cleanups.

What is Land Reclamation?

This involves making all the physically necessary changes to the land, and soil from which resources were extracted- by doing this, we are making the land usable once again. Specific services often include revegetation, hydroseeding, soil replacement, well removal and pipeline removal, general waste removal or clean up.

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    What is Land Remediation?

    This involves the removal of contaminants from soil or water, and stabilization of chemicals left behind after extraction. Some specific remediation services include careful land analysis, erosion control, contamination containment, water treatment, and contamination Excavation

    These two services work together to help lessen the impact of all construction and excavation work on our planet and the air we breathe. All of our environmental experts are fully-trained, certified, educated, and insured. 

    According to Alberta Energy Regulators and the Environmental Enhancement and Protection Act, oil and gas companies are legally required to restore land used for resource extraction back to a productive state. 
    If you are an oil and gas company, contact us today to be connected with experienced professionals in land remediation and reclamation and we can assist with pipe and well remediation or physical reclamation of mines.

    By practicing responsible, safe and eco-friendly excavations or Construction, you are helping the land in your region as well as planet earth. You are helping to keep things restored for your generation, and generations after your’s. This process is becoming more and more important every day as we see more effects of climate change. Contact us today for more information on how to get started with this very necessary step! We’ll answer all of your questions and connect you to a qualified expert.

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